Quail Chase Puppy Application

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If you would like more information about one of our future litters, please complete and

submit the application below. Our procedures regarding puppies and reservations,

care and general information is located below the application

*General information regarding our policies, procedures and puppy protocol!*

•   All Quail Chase puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and CANNOT be bred
•   We do screen and chat with applicants before accepting a new owner on a reservation list
•   Each litter has a reservation list- the order of selection is based on order of deposit received
•   After completing the puppy application if you have any questions not answered please feel free to contact us at info@quailchaselabradors.com
•   Once we approve a family/new owner for adoption we keep in constant contact with them during the breeding/whelping/development of the puppies
•   Canine pregnancy period (gestation) is 63 days give/take 48 hours. A typical contact schedule for new owners will be:
      ~   Day of breeding (the clock starts)
      ~   Day 31 ultrasound (verify conception)
      ~   Day 55 x-rays (more accurate puppy count)
      ~   Day of delivery photos (once the puppies are born we confirm selections with new owners: litter #, sex, color etc.)
      ~   Photos every weekend (once the puppies can stand we take side stack and head shots)
•   Final photos sent on week 7
•   7 wks old PUPPY SELECTIONS! (in order of deposit received)
•   8 wks old PUPPIES GO HOME!
      ~   Puppy must be paid in FULL prior to being released
      ~   We DO NOT accept personal checks accept for deposits

•   We do ship puppies via reputable airlines with certified pet programs- direct flights only- NO CONNECTING FLIGHTS!
      ~   New owner must provide their own crate/airline approved transport or purchase one from us at our cost

All Quail Chase puppies go to their new homes with:

•   Contract and details of ownership (QCL retains co-ownership of all show/breeding dogs- not family pets)
•   Sales Receipt for your records
•   Veterinarian Certified Health Guarantee, current health records, hip dysplasia guarantee, microchip information
•   AKC Pedigree (3 generation)
•   AKC Limited Registration Documentation
      ~   Limited registration simply means the puppy CANNOT be bred or shown
      ~   The puppy's litter is registered with the AKC but each individual puppy MUST be registered by it's new owner
•   Photos of the puppy's Dam and Sire along with their AKC Registration information and health clearances
•   1st vaccinations at 6 weeks old (owner is responsible for vaccinations at 9, 12 and 16 weeks plus rabies @ 6 mos)
•   Complimentary Innova "Large Breed" Puppy Starter Kit & Toys

Thank you for your interest in Quail Chase Labradors and our puppies!

Quail Chase Labradors Puppy Application

Please be advised: we do not consider families for new ownership without a completed puppy application.
We verify all information prior to accepting a family on our reservation list. 
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