*General information regarding our policies, procedures and puppy protocol!*

•   All Quail Chase puppies are sold with AKC Limited Registration and CANNOT be bred
•   We do screen and chat with applicants before accepting a new owner on a reservation list
•   Each litter has a reservation list- the order of selection is based on order of deposit received
•   After completing the puppy application if you have any questions not answered please feel free to contact us at info@quailchaselabradors.com
•   Once we approve a family/new owner for adoption we keep in constant contact with them during the breeding/whelping/development of the puppies
•   Canine pregnancy period (gestation) is 63 days give/take 48 hours. A typical contact schedule for new owners will be:
      ~   Day of breeding (the clock starts)
      ~   Day 31 ultrasound (verify conception)
      ~   Day 55 x-rays (more accurate puppy count)
      ~   Day of delivery photos (once the puppies are born we confirm selections with new owners: litter #, sex, color etc.)
      ~   Photos every weekend (once the puppies can stand we take side stack and head shots)
•   Final photos sent on week 7
•   7 wks old PUPPY SELECTIONS! (in order of deposit received)
•   8 wks old PUPPIES GO HOME!
      ~   Puppy must be paid in FULL prior to being released
      ~   We DO NOT accept personal checks accept for deposits

•   We do ship puppies via reputable airlines with certified pet programs- direct flights only- NO CONNECTING FLIGHTS!
      ~   New owner must provide their own crate/airline approved transport or purchase one from us at our cost

All Quail Chase puppies go to their new homes with:

•   Contract and details of ownership (QCL retains co-ownership of all show/breeding dogs- not family pets)
•   Sales Receipt for your records
•   Veterinarian Certified Health Guarantee, current health records, hip dysplasia guarantee, microchip information
•   AKC Pedigree (3 generation)
•   AKC Limited Registration Documentation
      ~   Limited registration simply means the puppy CANNOT be bred or shown
      ~   The puppy's litter is registered with the AKC but each individual puppy MUST be registered by it's new owner
•   Photos of the puppy's Dam and Sire along with their AKC Registration information and health clearances
•   1st vaccinations at 6 weeks old (owner is responsible for vaccinations at 9, 12 and 16 weeks plus rabies @ 6 mos)
•   Complimentary Innova "Large Breed" Puppy Starter Kit & Toys

Thank you for your interest in Quail Chase Labradors and our puppies!

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We verify all information prior to accepting a family on our reservation list. 
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