Phoenix, AZ

Quail Chase

We are very proud to introduce...

The Boarding Facility and grounds were designed based on the lessons we've learned caring for our own pack these past two decades. Limited crate time, an open living room concept surrounded by kennels, clear lines of sight from every kennel in a bright, air conditioned, comfortable space built to care for our extended family of dogs like we care for our

own. We offer obedience and conformation training ​as well as a dedicated

retrieving paddock for our guests who love to retrieve!​


​​SunDog Farms

Canine Specialty Store & Private Boarding Kennel

Breeding and competing in conformation for two decades, we've become part of a wonderful community of passionate breeders, trainers, handlers and pet owners all dedicated to their 4 legged family members. Those years also exposed us to many fabulous pet products that we

personally use and trust that are not available in typical pet stores. When the opportunity arrived to give back to our "dog" community and make those unique product

available to everyone ...Sun Dog Farms was born!

We are very proud to offer the following products:

- Top of the line CBD products for Pets & People
- Labrador Inspired T-Shirts
- Custom Collars & Leashes
- Parachord Braided Show Collars
- Parachord Braided Martingale Collars​